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|    …spacio y opinen de las peliculas XD (mi mail 😛
|    …??????? ????????????*)(§®¤*~(*) (
Bueno .. quise poner esta combersacion en ingles con esta chica de 19 años de arabia .. su nombre es Ashayra y me gustaria compartir esta combersacion … jejeje la andue cagando pa variar 🙂
[17:07:58]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: nice nick name
[17:08:00]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: xD
[17:08:15] (*)ˆ~*¤®§)(*: hehhehe u either l0o0o0o0l
[17:08:18]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: XD
[17:08:25]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: (lol)
[17:08:28] (*)ˆ~*¤®§)(*: ur nikename in spanich?
[17:08:32]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: yes
[17:08:40] (*)ˆ~*¤®§)(*: cooooooool
[17:08:46]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: u understand anything ?
[17:08:53]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: XDD
[17:08:57] (*)ˆ~*¤®§)(*: hehhe no nothing
[17:09:05]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: same here whit your nick
[17:09:15] (*)ˆ~*¤®§)(*: hehehhe..yah
[17:09:20]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: xD
[17:09:45] (*)ˆ~*¤®§)(*: well, i used to english but today i changed  it
[17:09:51] (*)ˆ~*¤®§)(*: 😉
[17:10:00]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: =))
[17:10:30]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: this is me >> moi
[17:10:41]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: u have nices emotions
[17:10:41] (*)ˆ~*¤®§)(*: l0o0o0l
[17:10:42]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: xD
[17:10:50] (*)ˆ~*¤®§)(*: you 2:D
[17:10:52]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: ;P
[17:10:56]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: jejejjeje
[17:11:00]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: xdd
[17:11:14]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: ^ ^
[17:11:16] (*)ˆ~*¤®§)(*: cheese:D
[17:11:36]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: xxD
[17:11:51]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: (Jue)
[17:12:01]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: jejeje
[17:13:09] (*)ˆ~*¤®§)(*: Do u know someone arabian?
[17:13:19] (*)ˆ~*¤®§)(*: 😉
[17:13:25]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: nop
[17:13:29]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: 0 absolute
[17:13:30] (*)ˆ~*¤®§)(*: i see
[17:13:45] (*)ˆ~*¤®§)(*: Now u have one… good ;)’s me
[17:13:53]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: xD
[17:13:55]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: yes
[17:13:56]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: 🙂
[17:14:01]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: im really happy
[17:14:12]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: u have any photo
[17:14:20]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: of you ?
[17:14:32] (*)ˆ~*¤®§)(*: yah me 2…couze u ar the first one i chat  with her from a foregin country
[17:14:45]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: n_n
[17:15:06] (*)ˆ~*¤®§)(*: like what Pictures?
[17:15:18]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: real photograp
[17:15:21]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: of you
[17:15:22]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: 😀
[17:15:50] (*)ˆ~*¤®§)(*: hehehhe…i can’t show you..couze u know i am   muslim and we wear a scarf 😀
[17:16:09]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: :-O
[17:16:14]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: how ?
[17:16:24]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: a scarf ? in the face ?
[17:16:32] (*)ˆ~*¤®§)(*: Do you know something about Muslims life??
[17:16:37]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: yes
[17:16:39]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: a little
[17:16:47] (*)ˆ~*¤®§)(*: like what?
[17:16:53]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: like that ..
[17:16:58]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: but i dont know why
[17:17:03]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: =)
[17:17:18]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: mans do the same ?
[17:17:20]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: XD
[17:17:23] (*)ˆ~*¤®§)(*: listen iam gonna to tell you about Muslims life
[17:17:30]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: ok
[17:17:32]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: 😀
[17:18:26] (*)ˆ~*¤®§)(*: Muslims women wear scarf in front of men..but  we can remove it in ront of women..couze we are all sisters
[17:18:51]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: thats really nice ..
[17:18:52] (*)ˆ~*¤®§)(*: my hear shouldn’t be shown out..
[17:19:09]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: woa
[17:19:11] (*)ˆ~*¤®§)(*: yah we say thank you God for all the time
[17:19:25] (*)ˆ~*¤®§)(*: 😀
[17:19:32]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: 😀
[17:19:37]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: here
[17:19:41]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: in chile
[17:19:45] (*)ˆ~*¤®§)(*: yah?
[17:19:50]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: mans dont respet girls
[17:20:00]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: just one man on  840409429084298002840842092024
[17:20:02] (*)ˆ~*¤®§)(*: Really:|
[17:20:05]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: yes ..
[17:20:10]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: i hate that
[17:20:28]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: all mans are always looking their asses
[17:20:29]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: 😦
[17:20:33] (*)ˆ~*¤®§)(*: What’s your religion?
[17:20:39] (*)ˆ~*¤®§)(*: l0o0o0o0ool
[17:20:46] (*)ˆ~*¤®§)(*: really bad thing
[17:20:58]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: thats the more simple thing
[17:21:14] (*)ˆ~*¤®§)(*: i see
[17:21:19]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: in the partyes
[17:21:23]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: one man
[17:21:30]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: can kiss whit thoung
[17:21:37]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: like 3 girls on one night
[17:21:53] (*)ˆ~*¤®§)(*: can what?
[17:21:59]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: XD
[17:22:02]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: discusting
[17:22:03]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: sick
[17:22:04]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: xD
[17:22:14]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: kiss in the mouth
[17:22:16] (*)ˆ~*¤®§)(*: yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuk
[17:22:19] (*)ˆ~*¤®§)(*: too bad
[17:22:23] (*)ˆ~*¤®§)(*: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
[17:22:30] (*)ˆ~*¤®§)(*: :S
[17:22:33]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: yes
[17:22:36]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: XD
[17:22:37]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: that
[17:22:38]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: xD
[17:22:51]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: im catolic
[17:22:59] (*)ˆ~*¤®§)(*: Here men can’t touch women…and can’t stay  beside them
[17:23:07] (*)ˆ~*¤®§)(*: this ethical
[17:23:26] (*)ˆ~*¤®§)(*: i see:D…at the end we are all sisters:D
[17:23:36]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: yes i think the same
[17:23:43] (*)ˆ~*¤®§)(*: 😀
[17:23:45]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: ;D
[17:24:00]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: woa
[17:24:06]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: cant stay beside ?
[17:24:09]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: XDD
[17:24:12] (*)ˆ~*¤®§)(*: yes
[17:24:19]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: plop
[17:24:32]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: XD
[17:24:57] (*)ˆ~*¤®§)(*: you know if they could they will do bad touching , stearing
[17:25:10]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: yes ..
[17:25:21]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: that always happend wen the dance
[17:25:31]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: before Kiss
[17:25:32] (*)ˆ~*¤®§)(*: yah i think so000
[17:25:35] (*)ˆ~*¤®§)(*: hehhe
[17:25:50]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: XD
[17:25:55] (*)ˆ~*¤®§)(*: i hate men who doesn’t respect women
[17:26:17]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: i respet womans
[17:26:21]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: im a gentelmen
[17:26:34]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: but for me its hard to think
[17:26:45] (*)ˆ~*¤®§)(*: Are you studying at a university or at a school???
[17:26:59]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: that i and the others mans cant stay besaid to the womans
[17:27:04] (*)ˆ~*¤®§)(*: wait wait
[17:27:06]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: university
[17:27:09] (*)ˆ~*¤®§)(*: are u a male???
[17:27:12]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: yes
[17:27:14]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: :-O
[17:27:20]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: XD
[17:27:34] (*)ˆ~*¤®§)(*: really….i thought u a girl
[17:27:37]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: you are a woman ?
[17:27:40]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: righ ?
[17:27:44]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: XD
[17:27:54] (*)ˆ~*¤®§)(*: yes
[17:27:59]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: aaa
[17:28:01]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: we are ok
[17:28:02]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: xD
[17:28:06] (*)ˆ~*¤®§)(*: i will tell you something
[17:28:13]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: secret ?
[17:28:15]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: ^ ^
[17:28:27] (*)ˆ~*¤®§)(*: but don’t get upset..and i hope you get my point clearly
[17:28:38]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: sure
[17:28:40] (*)ˆ~*¤®§)(*: no no it’s not secret
[17:29:18] (*)ˆ~*¤®§)(*: i don’t want to talk with a man that i don’t  know who is he???
[17:29:58]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: don´t know who is he ?
[17:30:05] (*)ˆ~*¤®§)(*: yah
[17:30:09]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: what you sai there ?
[17:30:11]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: xD
[17:30:17]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: cant understand
[17:30:32]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: (timido)
[17:30:47] (*)ˆ~*¤®§)(*: i meant …i don’t know who you are..
[17:30:51]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: aaaaaaaaaaa
[17:30:56]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: you mean a foto ?
[17:31:02]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: du
[17:31:04]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: photo ?
[17:31:07] (*)ˆ~*¤®§)(*: no no
[17:31:13]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: ooohh …
[17:31:19]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: i see..
[17:31:25]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: 🙂
[17:31:49]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: and dont care
[17:32:07]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: i understand u
[17:32:07] (*)ˆ~*¤®§)(*: i don’t want to see ur photo..
[17:32:12]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: very well
[17:32:16]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: 😉
[17:32:32]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: sorry about the mistake ..
[17:32:44] (*)ˆ~*¤®§)(*: you know it’s something in our culture i can’t explain it to u
[17:32:55]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: any whay i really like to talk whit you
[17:33:04] (*)ˆ~*¤®§)(*: i fell nervous when i talk with a man who i don’t know
[17:33:15]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: yes
[17:33:22]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: pls forgot me
[17:33:30]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: okey ?
[17:33:38] (*)ˆ~*¤®§)(*: yah me too…but my religion doesn’t allow me to talk with men
[17:33:57] (*)ˆ~*¤®§)(*: plllllllllz don’t get upset try to understand  me
[17:33:59]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: you know… we are not talking
[17:34:03]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: any way
[17:34:06]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: 🙂 …
[17:34:08]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: Bye….
[17:34:19] (*)ˆ~*¤®§)(*: bye….iam so sorry
[17:34:48] (*)ˆ~*¤®§)(*: you will find someone better than me..but really i can’t do something false
[17:35:01] (*)ˆ~*¤®§)(*: im afraid from God
[17:35:42]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: im afraid form God to
[17:35:52]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: but he wants that this misstake happend
[17:35:54]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: no ?
[17:35:56]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: 🙂
[17:36:01]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: Bye ..
[17:36:05] (*)ˆ~*¤®§)(*: bye
 —- aki vi que seguia escribiendo—–
[17:36:19]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: pls .. dont sai anything
[17:36:20] (*)ˆ~*¤®§)(*: nice to talk to…Hope you have a great future
[17:36:27]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: its fine
[17:36:27] (*)ˆ~*¤®§)(*: ok iam so sorry
[17:36:37]  ??Moi¬¬  Me: you to
[17:36:48] * (*)ˆ~*¤®§)(*?????????????? ???????? ??????????
           ???????????? ?? ???????????? ????????????*)(§®¤*~(*) está
           ahora Sin conexión
[17:37:00] * (*)ˆ~*¤®§)(*?????????????? ???????? ??????????
           ???????????? ?? ???????????? ????????????*)(§®¤*~(*) ha
           sido bloqueado
[17:38:08] * ·$1·# ??Moi¬¬  Metanse en mi espacio y opinen de las
           peliculas XD ha cambiado su nombre a ·$1·# ??Moi¬¬  Hoy me
           paso Lo mas increible que me a pasado en arto tiempo ……

~ por Abadon en 22 marzo, 2006.

Una respuesta to “Ashayra”

  1. wena compare… mira la cosa rara…. dos cositas….. escibes ""mejor"" en ingles q en español y, ya tay bastande grade pa saber algo de cultura del medio oriente!!!
    pero en fin…OYE ME ALEGRO UN MONTÓN Q ESTES ESTUDIANDO… FUE UNA BUENA NOTICIA la que me diste por msn.. y otra cosa, espero q ahora que soy de la comunidad nos veamos mas seguidos para planificar un viaje pal norte porq ahora si q me voy
    un abrazo y gracias por tu apoyo en mi flog


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